One or more of our many different topsoil and blended soil options are perfect for your project.

Un-Shredded Topsoil

  • 1-15 yards: $28
  • 16+ yards: $26

Shredded Topsoil

Topsoil that has been dried and run through a screening machine to pull out the roots and rocky material to make the finest topsoil.

  • 1-15 yards: $30
  • 16+ yards: $28


Yard waste (including grass clippings, shrub clipping and leaves) that has been recycled, broken down and turned into a rich nutrient soil.

  • 1-15 yards: $35

60/40 Topsoil/Compost

These two soils are blended to make a great soil for gardens. The topsoil holds moisture, while the compost helps loosen the soil and is full of nutrients.

  • 1-15 yards: $42
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